Smart Pointers

Other Smart Pointers

List of other smart pointer libraries

Boost Smart Pointers

Proposed Policy Based Smart Pointer class for Boost

Boost Pointer Container Library

Loki Library which includes a policy based smart pointer

Austria Smart Pointers


Additional links about smart pointers

Smart Pointers Reloaded
by Andrei Alexandrescu and David B. Held

Smart Pointers in C++
APR 18, 2003
By Andrei Alexandrescu

The STL+ C++ library (smart_ptr - Smart Pointer Containers)

A Proposal to Add a Policy-Based Smart Pointer Framework
to the Standard Library

Pointers, References and Values
by Michael D. Crawford

Smart Pointers Overview
An evolutionary approach to a classic C++ idea
by John M. Dlugosz

Lock-free and wait-free algorithms

Atomic Ptr Plus Project Home

Heterogeneous, Nested STL Containers in C++

Polymorphic STL containers and iterators

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