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cow_ptr Class Template Reference

#include <cow_ptr.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class cow_ptr< T >

cow_ptr is a Copy On Write smart pointer. It does not require the pointee to have clone function logic.

Definition at line 51 of file cow_ptr.hpp.

Public Types

typedef T * pointer
typedef T & reference
enum  implement_default_object

Public Member Functions

template<typename T_obj>
 cow_ptr (T_obj *type)
 ~cow_ptr () throw ()
 cow_ptr (const cow_ptr &Src)
template<class CompatibleDerivedT>
 cow_ptr (const cow_ptr< CompatibleDerivedT > &Src)
template<class CompatibleDerivedT>
cow_ptroperator= (const cow_ptr< CompatibleDerivedT > &Src)
cow_ptroperator= (const cow_ptr &Src)
 cow_ptr (implement_default_object use_default_obj=eYes)
bool operator! () const
template<class T2>
cow_ptrequal (const T2 &Src)
T * operator-> ()
T & operator * ()
const T * operator-> () const
const T & operator * () const
cow_ptroperator+= (const cow_ptr &Src)
template<class T2>
cow_ptroperator+= (const T2 &Src)
cow_ptroperator+ (const cow_ptr &Src)
cow_ptroperator-= (const cow_ptr &Src)
cow_ptroperator- (const cow_ptr &Src)
clone_fct_Type get_function_ptr () const
T * get_ptr ()
const T * c_ptr () const
const T & c_ref () const
void swap (cow_ptr< T > &other) throw ()
bool is_ref_linked () const
template<class PT, class FPT>
void make_clone (PT *&ptr, FPT &func_ptr) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDefaultObject (const cow_ptr< T > &NewValue)

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